In 2007, the International Council on Archives (ICA) voted to establish June 9th as International Archives Day — a date chosen because the ICA was created under the auspices of UNESCO on June 9, 1948.  According to the ICA, the purposes for International Archives Day are to:

  • Raise awareness among the public of the importance of records and archives, in order to make it understood that records and archives provide the foundation for their rights and identity;
  • Raise the awareness of senior decision makers of the benefits of records management for good governance and development;
  • Raise public, private, and public sector awareness of the necessity of preserving archives for the long-term, and of providing access to them;
  • Promote and bring to the attention of the larger public unique, extraordinary, and rare documents preserved in archival institutions;
  • Improve the image of records and archives and enhance their visibility globally.

For examples of how the day was celebrated around the world, visit the International Archives Day web site.

The State Records Office of Western Australia has an interesting post about records of convicts who were shipped from the British Isles in the 19th century.

And here’s a news story about activities that took place in Beijing.